Kamis, 04 September 2008

10 Tips Untuk Rumah Bebas Berantakan

Unclutter punya 10 tips untuk membuat rumah bebas berantakan dalam waktu kurang dari 10 menit saja.

1. Make your bed each morning. --> Making my bed is one of the first things I do every morning. It's really quick and can make your house looks 70% tidier than before :D.

2. Throw away the newspaper each night, even if you haven’t read it yet. --> I don't subscribe on any newspapers, I read everything online or watch it on TV. Simplify my life and save money.

3. Follow the “one-minute rule” – push yourself to do any chore that takes less than one minute. Throw away the junk mail, close the cabinet door, put your dirty socks in the hamper, hang up your wet towel. ---> Hohoho....hubby you better read this one! :D

4. Identify an organization or person to whom you can give things you no longer need – it’s much easier to get rid of unneeded stuff if you can envision someone else getting good use from them. Also, figure out a place to store those things until you hand them over. We have a special shelf for books that we’re taking to the Housing Works thrift store. When the shelf is full, we drop off the books. ---> This is a really great tips, my rule is : easy come, easy go. Every time I shop ( especially clothes ), means that there have to be old things to donate. Again, it really simplify my life.

5. Pause for a moment before you “store” something. Storing something means you don’t intend to use it much. Other than holiday decorations and seasonal clothes, you should strive to “store” as little as possible. ---> Especially for 36 type rent house where storage is an issue!

6. Beware of freebies. Never accept anything free, unless you’re thrilled with it. A mug, a tote bag, a hand-me-down toy, the lamp from your mother-in-law—if you don’t need it, don’t take it. ---> Freebies are attempting, but ask yourself whether you really need it. I even refuse to bring home some brochures or free catalouges if I know I wouldn't interest to the products.

7. Get rid of things if they break. When I went through our apartment, I was astonished by how many things I’d kept even though they didn’t work. ---> Hmmmmmm.....For me broken things are even more attempting than freebies! Hahahaha....I always think that I can fix it one day or upcycling it into something new, yet they're still there in my storage and forgotten :D.

8. Don’t keep any piece of paper unless you know that you actually need it. I have a friend who, for years, carefully filed away the stubs when she paid her gas bill. “Why?” I asked, mystified. “I have no idea,” she said. Along the same lines, don’t keep anything that would quickly become dated—like travel information. Remember the internet! If you can easily find information online, you don’t need to keep a hard copy. ---> See what I told ya.

9. Hang up your coat. ---> This is tropical island, I don't wear coat, thank you.

10. Before you go to bed, take five minutes to do an “evening tidy-up.” Don’t tackle anything ambitious, but just stack up the magazines, put your shoes away, shove the chairs into place, etc. Just a few minutes of tidying can make your house look a lot better, and it’s a calming thing to do before going to sleep. Plus it makes the morning nicer. ---> Oh yes. Even better if you clean all the dishes before you go to bed. Embracing morning with a shiny sink really makes your morning brighter.

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